【Important】【iOS】 Regarding the issue with the iOS8.

【Important】【iOS】 Regarding the issue with the iOS8.

Below issues have been currently confirmed while the game is played with iOS8.

▼Details of the issue
(1)Despite of the fact that the game was being played previously, the title screen shows as [NEW GAME] and the game cannot be played from where it is supposed to be.

(2)Upon clicking the back button at option screen, the screen blacks out and the app stops working.

※Regarding the issue1, this is something to do with data reading system.
Please be assured that this will not lead to result in losing your game data.
※These issues will be fixed with the up-coming update of the application.
Please refrain from deleting the application.
※Deleting the app will cause you to lose all of the game data.

We are in process of fixing the said issues as of moment.

As soon as the fix operation is completed, we will release the updated application.
Please be patient with us a little while longer.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this has caused you.

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